WHY 358°


Systemic thinking is the key to fundamental change, resulting in more sustainable manufacturing processes and realistic business models in the long term.

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About us


358 is the country code of Finland, my home country.

Adding the degree sign to it, 358° alludes to an imperfect circle as such, and represents our damaged planet.

As a Circulab community member 358° applies the Circulab methodo-logy with its proven track record in all workshops.

During the pandemic we use MURAL for interactive sessions.

Did you get the feeling in the past months that the world just turned upside down?

So did we! 

Most of us have lately experienced stress and frustration, feeling tracked down.

Well, this roller coaster phase is precisely the appropriate moment to call a timeout. And the helicopter view will help! 

     For some time already we experience this paradigm shift:

  • News headlines share frightful glimpses of impressive and unpredictable phenomena like weather extremes and new diseases. 
  • Companies struggle with their supply chain, resource scarcity and competencies that are difficult to find and even harder to keep. 
  • Climate change still seems a questionable concept to some, but biodiversity is threatened all over the world.