One month left till the year-end.

>> How does that feel?

2020 has been exceptional and unpredictable.

We all had to adapt, and agility became a number 1 skill required in most job descriptions.

You become agile when you compose with the big picture, have identified weaknesses and risks, and can cope with them in a more realistic way.

Understanding the logic of systemic thinking is like putting on new glasses.

Suddenly it's easier to at least face the most serious obstacles, even if tackling them still seems a challenge out of reach. In parallel and with this new perspective you will start identifying new opportunities too.

An introduction to systemic thinking might be the best way to close 2020 and prepare new paths to explore in 2021!

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What is your plan for 2021?

Trapped in the hamster wheel?

As the unforeseeable is becoming the new "normal", and nobody seems to know for how long, we need to find a way to compose with these roller coasters.

Indeed the business as usual doesn't work that well these days...

So what are your daily routines?

And what is your understanding of agility?

How do you adjust your way to react to sudden changes?

We recommend the helicopter view, because it's the best way to get some distance.