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My name is Kristina Hakala.

I have a journalistic background, and still track changes in our societies with great interest. Field work, investigation and the capacity to listen and read between the lines are unvaluable skills improved during those inspiring years.

In marketing and communication I have enjoyed working in multicultural environments. I have convinced marketing departments in 40 target countries to share their local communication budget with the central team in the headquarters; I have contributed to the strategic move of a multinational from equipment manufacturer to solution provider; I have positioned a major brand within the energy sector among the most innovative players through a targeted global communication campaign, working directly with the end user and legal departments for all approvals, as the direct customer had been acquired by one of the main competitors.

During those years, a job description was written according to my CV - twice!

For my 50Y anniversary I was lucky to explore the Galapagos archipelago. The travel was a turning point, and ever since I have been studying and conveying systemic thinking.

Whatever your activity, whatever your company size, there are changes we can start today!